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Real Estate Agency in Warsaw

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    UNIKAT provides real estate brokerage services (buy/sell, rent/let) of the highest quality in Warsaw and it’s surrounding areas.

    Why choose Unikat real estate?

    We like to speak openly, we start by clearly defining your goals and agreeing on expectations. It is very important for us – to take time and listen to understand you and your needs best.

    Trusted advisor and partner

    Take a step closer to your dream place with UNIKAT - your new home. Our experienced team is on standby, we have the necessary knowledge, experience and tools to find the right offer for you

    Success built
    by people

    At the core of UNIKAT, we have a team well prepared for its tasks. We pay particular attention to how different customers are and how different their expectations may be. What counts for us is people, their needs and time.

    A British
    work ethic

    The new Unikat is made up of people, who have spent a considerable part of their lives in Great Britain, where they lived, were educated and worked. Our culture is based on integrity, business morals and high standards. We put customer service at the centre of our business.

    A new UNIKAT for new times

    Unikat’s management represents a great combination of international business experience, entrepreneurship and engineering expertise, which translates into a solid foundation for the company, ensuring a quality service for our clients.

    Head office in old Żoliborz

    Our head office is located in a beautiful 1930’s villa in the district of Warsaw Żoliborz, oozing with character and charm we are surrounded by greenery and parks, creating a friendly working environment for our staff and business partners. Excellent communication is on hand with the centre of Warsaw and other districts.

    Make your next move with UNIKAT

    We have knowledge and experience in Warsaw’s real estate market. We offer our clients discretion, security and trust from the first point of contact to finalizing your transaction we guarantee a professional service.

    UNIKAT client opinions

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    Reliable help in finding a flat. Very fast response to customer needs, friendly service - I recommend working with Unikat.

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    I highly recommend Unikat Real Estate. Their friendly and professional approach to the client guarantees satisfaction. They offer solutions and support depending on individual client needs.

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    Fill out a short questionnaire, it will only take a moment and will let us know your goals and expectations. One of our advisors will be in touch as soon as possible.

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    From the life of UNIKAT

    Expand your knowledge about the real estate market with UNIKAT. We invite you to local, thematic events and training which take place in our headquarters in the Old Żoliborz district.

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    Real estate agency Warsaw Żoliborz

    As a real estate agency from Żoliborz, we specialize in the local market and we know very well the offer of local flats and houses for sale or rent. However, we do not limit our activity only to this part of Warsaw – in search of your dream place we reach much further, collecting and comparing the most interesting offers from the whole city. No matter where you want to live and how you imagine your future house or flat, we will surely set goals together and make them come true. Our actions are distinguished by adherence to the best international quality standards as well as honesty and morality.

    Cooperation with a real estate agency in Żoliborz

    When you first meet representatives of our real estate agency from Warsaw’s Żoliborz district, you tell us about your needs, dreams and goals. We, collect information which will allow us to select offers which are of interest to you. It is not only about the size or the number of rooms, but also about the exposure to directions of the world, or the distance of the flat from important points in the capital. We specialize in liveability, i.e. we provide advice on finding the most suitable places to live. We provide support in home staging and interior design.

    Choose a real estate agency in Warsaw Żoliborz

    If you are interested in cooperating with a real estate agency from Warsaw’s Żoliborz district, you should definitely check out our offer. The very place where we will host you – a climatic tenement house surrounded by greenery will prove that we know and understand the real estate market like no one else.

    We are willing to share our knowledge and experience with both people who are looking for flats to buy or rent and those who want to sell or rent their properties. We listen very carefully to your needs. We take into account dozens of aspects that are important for your living comfort.

    Save time, live the way you like in Żoliborz

    Every change of residence is connected with emotions, a lot of preparations, organisation and logistics. It is difficult to cope with all the activities on your own, especially reconciling them with family life, work or hobbies. Thanks to cooperation with our real estate agency from Warsaw Żoliborz, you no longer have to choose or give up anything. We will gladly take the burden of finding a new house or tenants for your flat off your shoulders. Everything comprehensively, professionally, always on time and discreetly. We invite you to contact a trusted and experienced real estate agency!